Stream of Consciousness

Mixed with emotions today. Conflict. I’ve been nervous all day. I lost some family members due to unfortunate circumstances that no one could have prevented. However, in the back of my mind, I feel that some of it could have been prevented because the parents could have left their home.

I lost some family members due to the disaster of the hurricane recently. An entire family. Unfortunate. So unfortunate. I do understand that there are people who can not afford to leave. I’m not in the position to judge.

Just thoughts going through my head because I am upset.

I do not know them well but it hurts that I did not get to know them. It especially hurts that so many people lost their lives due to natural disasters. Sad that people it happens period. I hate cutting in the tv.

It’s unfortunate and it’s heartbreaking. It’s upsetting. I don’t know the people the other people who lost their lives but I even extended my prayers to them. Just thoughts running through my head.

I’m thankful that I have the heart to be compassionate for those who have lost loved ones and not make careless statements. It makes me angry for those who cannot defend themselves against people who think they are stupid to not leave their homes when they may not have anywhere to go. While I do agree that you should take immediate shelter to best take care of yourself, it is wise. That is the most reasonable and smart decision, but I would not call a person dumb, stupid, or suicidal in any way. I do understand the circumstances. I can’t justify a person’s actions, but I try to understand a person’s feelings and try to put myself in their shoes. Then, I try to see if they can understand in my way as well. If that person does not understand and we cannot come to a reasonable conclusion then I understand that individual will take action according to their own which I hope is a good action.

Even though the storm is over I still pray aftermath. The emotions keep pouring and I’m still nervous. I’m emotional as if part of me is still awaiting bad news knowing I don’t want it. Prays for everyone.


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