Sketches from Brand Development Course

Hi everyone! I hope your Fourth of July went well. I had the week off from school; therefore, I decided to post on my recent time I have had with my class while attending Full Sail University.

I am attending Full Sail University for a master’s degree in fine arts for Media Design. So far my experience in my courses is quite interesting. I have been learning how to create media design projects for clients with the intention of targeting their audience.

My favorite course so far has been brand development, which I had an opportunity on learning about creating logos. I also learned about mind mapping in the course as well. Mind mapping is a useful tool for researching. I like to think of it as mapping simple and interesting points about a subject together to form an idea. It has become my favorite research tool.

Not to get off subject, the purpose of writing about my course is to showcase you a sample of some of the sketches of my logos. I created various logo sketches based on geographical concepts, traditions, and the culture after my research on Kyoto, Japan. Here are some of my logo sketches:

Overall, I enjoyed the course as I had the opportunity to explore my creativity in sketching various logos as if I was working for a potential client. I was also able to communicate with my peers to get their feedback and see their ideas. In addition, I am glad I took the course because I was able to understand how to identify a brand and create a logo to target the brand of the client with the purpose of appealing to the audience.

Let me know what you think. Have a great weekend!


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