Give Mixed Media a Chance

Hello Everyone!

While I was chilling at home, I decided to give mixed media a try. This is my first-time mixing watercolors and magazine paper together to form a collage piece.

The image that is illustrated below came to me when I was watching my puppy zipping and zagging across the room as he was playing with one of this his toys one evening.

The materials used were the Jane Davenport’s Mermaid Markers. The colors used were  Pirate’s Gold, Bluebottle, Seaweed, and Byron Bay. In addition, there was the paper from a magazine to create a texture and I used a Prismacolor pen (05) to create additional designs on top of the paint once it dried.


Again, this is my first try. I actually enjoyed creating whatever flowed from my mind. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.



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