Creating a Storyboard

Since November of last year, I decided to return to college and pursue a master’s degree in Media Design at Full Sail University online. My experience up to this point has been rather an exciting adventure.

I have been learning about brand development, logo design, defining the client’s needs, and motion graphics. The most recent course was Organizational Structures which was a rather interesting class.

During the month of June, in Organizational Structures class, I learned about creating stories in a storyboard format and recording my ideas in a story journal throughout the month. The storyboard that I created for the class was based on a previous logo designed for a city in the previous class I took. The city I chose to create a logo for was Kyoto, Japan. I created a logo centered around Kyoto’s cherry blossom’s which are called known as Sakura.

To create my story, I researched the history of cherry blossoms and how it was written in Japanese. As a result, I decided to start my story with the brush stroke of Sakura starting in frame one. Once the characters have been completely spelled out at the end of frame three, a cherry blossom petal begins to flow out at the end and continues to floats in the air to spell out Kyoto in frames five and six.

The concept of using the storyboard allowed me to gather the experience of what a designer goes through in generating a story before it is developed in Adobe After Effects or another type of media software.

Of course, this is my first time developing a storyboard based on a logo design and creating a story on the brand. It was rather a challenge creating a design that was tailing a story about the brand; but, the project was fun at the same time because I was able to research about Kyoto and sketch (which is what I like to do anyway).

To see a glimpse of my project and some of my work, please click here (this is a link to my Behance portfolio).

Featured Image on Blog by Redd Angelo on Unsplash

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