Welcome! I’m Crystal. I’m an artist, a new blogger, writer, and poet. I am also a student at Full Sail University pursuing my Master of Fine Arts in Media Design. I love to help others succeed at doing their best, which is part of my current job.

However, I realized that I need to be working on what makes me happy and what I am good at drawing, writing, and learning new things that can help me succeed in professional and personal development and gain a potential career in wherever God has in store for me.

As a new blogger, defining myself and sharing with you my creative side will be a unique experience for me and a privilege to share through my journey as a blogger. I love finding things that inspire me and being inspired is what I love to be. 

You may find my other site on Tumblr, which will show my journey as I pursue my degree at Full Sail University online: beautifulabstract. Also, my portfolio of college work: Behance Portfolio .